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 Step into Your Destiny & Unlock Your Spiritual Gifts & Talents

Your Soul is Calling

You know deep down it's time to change.

You have felt the calling from your Soul & you're ready to take that next step ....

Earthstar Temple Pass

You're a Being of Light

Working with Light & Energy on a daily basis is the most empowering action you can take to activate your spiritual gifts & talents

The more light you can infuse through working with frequency & clearing lower and denser energy the quicker you can access your dormant destiny codes to fast track your mission & purpose.  

It all comes down to light & frequency & how you use your energy on a daily basis.  

By commiting to working with spiritual tools that have specific energy encoded within them you fast track your empowerment journey & start to serve the world in a more powerful & meaningful way.  

It all starts with you and the internal shifts you make to change your energy field & resonate a new frequency out into the world.

When you stay connected & committed to daily spiritual practice over time you'll:

Develop a deeper sense of connection to yourself, others & the Universe  

Awaken Your Psyche & connect to the Goddess frequencies  

Free yourself from limiting beliefs and negative programming that have kept you stuck in the past  

Anchor Higher Gifts & Talents & fulfill your destiny  

Empower yourself be a light leader & healer  

Learn how to be more conscious of your subconscious patterning so you can release & let go  

Deepen your experience of meditation  

Learn to co create more consciously & co create the Golden Age  

Surrender and let go  

Connect to the Spiritual Realms & download universal knowledge & higher refined frequencies  

EarthStar Temple at a Glance


Receive a full Transference Healing® to Decode wounding that has kept you blocked & recode light to awaken your psyche & activate spiritual gifts.


24/7 access to a range of Spiritual Workshops on Empowerment, Spiritual Goal Setting, Chiron & New Moon Rituals


Monthly list of recommended spiritual practices to keep you focused, up to date & connected to your Spiritual Path


Online Journeys to Sacred Sites all around the world. Absorb unique frequencies of light & gain greater awareness & understanding on key Mastery Teachings of Light & Alchemy


24/7 access to Frequency Meditations for daily to absorption of light, decode & elevate your frequency


Receive a full Transference Healing® to Decode wounding that has kept you blocked & recode light to awaken your psyche & activate spiritual gifts.


All this goodness contained in one easy to access portal that you can access day or night


Monthly energy work run on you to keep you purifying, connected & spiritually evolving, even if you don’t have time to do any extra Spiritual work

Daily Infusions of Light to keep you Spiritually Connected, Elevated & Empowered

I created the Earthstar Temple Pass as a way for you to navigate your Journey with as much ease, grace & flow so you can embrace your Spiritual Destiny  

The EarthStar Temple Pass is a powerful package of profound spiritual tools & high frequency energy that will shift your frequency & fast track your spiritual growth & destiny.  

• Every month you receive a Full Transference Healing in our etheric Full Moon Temple with recommendations for that month on how to integrate these new frequencies into your daily life. You then have 24/7 access to the recording, transcripts & meditation from that healing for the rest of that month.  

• Every month I facilitate a Sacred Circle of Fire for the group to clear karma, negativity & build up of astral debris.

• You’ll also have access to high vibrational energy from specific Sacred Sites all around the world. These infusions of light will propel your spiritual growth & the embodiment of your destiny & purpose. 

• + you’ll have 24/7 access to the Meditation Sanctuary, all previous Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys & Spiritual workshops.  

This powerful combination of receiving unique high vibrational frequencies from Sacred Sites all of the world + Receiving a Full Transference Healing each month is like rocket fuel for your Ascension Journey. 

When you then add all the frequency meditations, ancient wisdom teachings & channelings that are included in the EarthStar Temple Pass you have an amazing and fully comprehensive Spiritual Acceleration system.




what others are saying ...

“ I now have a wonderful spiritual & practical toolbox to reprogram negative thought patterns, habits & cycles that do not serve me.”  

Emma Stott

“ I have been in permanent bliss radiating from my heart. I feel like I am in a space of pure potential "

Teri Allen

"I am meditating every morning, in a new way of deep, deep listening. I do feel so much more connected with Spirit, my Higher Self."  

Nicole Dirkx

Discover the Magic of Sacred Sites all from the comfort of your own home

EarthStar Temple Membership

Crystal Merkaba Grid Journeys

When you Join you'll Get Instant Access to These Lightworker Tools


Frequency Meditations encoded with Light & Energy

• Connection to Higher Self

• Universal Connection

• Ancestral Lineage Clearing & Healing

• Navel Chakra Healing 

• Heart Acceptance

• Heighten Your Intuition

• Removing Abundance Blocks

• Staying Grounded

• Rewiring Your Brain

• Clearing Karma


Download keys & codes from Sacred Sites all over the world

• Anglesey, Wales - Sacred Isle of the Druids

Uluru, Australia - Solar Plexus of the World

High Cross, England - Rebirthing, Alchemy & Rejuvenation

• Transylvania, Romania - St Germain & the Violet Flame

•Chartres, Crypt, France - Divine Feminine Mysteries

• London Stone, England - Initiations for Spiritual Empowerment

Chartres Cathedral, France - Awaken Your Third Eye

• Glastonbury, England - Alchemical powers of the Goddess

• Rennes le Chateau, France - Holy Grail Vortex

• Arkansas, US - Awaken Atlantean Codes


Receive infusions of light for initiations & lightbody activations

• Awakening Your Third Eye Activation

• Initiations for Spiritual Empowerment

• Awaken Atlantean Codes Activation 

• Temple of Purification Meditation 

• Mary Magdalene Initiation

• Initiation & Attunement to Isis Star Temple


Trave through space & time into other worldly realms & dimensions

• Fairy Portal

• Cosmic Womb of Creation

• Higher Temple of Purification 

• Sacred Goddess Spring 


Expand your consciousness & knowledge 

• Sustain inner balance & harmony

• Absorb higher alchemical properties of light

• Empowerment 

• Divine Feminine

• Rebirthing

• Ain Soph & the Creative Principle

• Dragon Power

• Black Madonna teachings

• Black Ray

• Initiation Rites

• Global Grid Matrix

• Mary Magdalene

• Atlantean Codes

• Lightbody Integration

• Crown chakra technology

• Interdimensional Travel

• Power Plays & Dynamics

• Divine Will & Purification

• Crystalline Properties & Energy

• Crystal Technology

• Labyrinth technology

• Lightbody technology

• Frequency Shifting

• Raven Power

• Priestess wisdom

• Higher Chakras

• Sirius Star System

• Art of Purification

• Crystalization of your Light Body

• Elemental & Fairy Realms

• Past Life Gifts

• Merkaba Technology

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